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The Wushu Culture Association was established in 1997 to promote Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Martial Arts, Taiji Quan (Taichi) and Qigong.

The association run regular classes, courses and seminars as well private classes.

Orlando Garcia-Morales

Orlando Garcia-Morales is the director of the Wushu Culture Association and is its principal teacher.  Orlando has been an avid student of martial arts since an early age.  He has competed in various international Wushu and Taiji Quan competitions, achieving first placings in the Pan-American Wushu Championships and Yongnian Taiji Quan International Competition. He was a gold medal winner at the IWUF 2008 World 3rd Traditional Wushu Championships in Shiyan, China.  He has been the New Zealand Wushu team coach for a number of different international events.

Orlando has experience in different aspects of Wushu,  (Taolu, Taiji Tuishou and Sanshou), as well Chinese Philosophy and Medical Qigong.  Orlando’s qualifications include:

Graduate in Physical Education
University of Technology and Pedagogy of Colombia, Tunja-Colombia

Blue Dragon 7th Duan – Chinese Wushu Association Official Wushu Ranking System of The PR of China (For detailed information on the ranking system

Four years Post Graduate Studies
Wushu College and Qigong College of The Beijing Sports University

New Zealand Chi Kung (Qigong) and Traditional Chinese Medicine Association Registered Qigong Instructor Level 4 (Senior)

Chinese Health Qigong Association New Zealand representative

Beijing Sports University Qigong College Daoyin Yangsheng Gong 6th Duan

Qigong Therapy Practitioner

Former International Taolu and Sanshou IWUF Judge

Coaching NZ Level 3 Senior Coach – Wushu Sport and Recreation New Zealand

Technical Adviser and Technical Committee Member of
The Colombian Wushu Federation

REP’s Certified Group Exercise Instructor
Register of Exercise Professionals NZ- Australia.

Contact us:

Facebook page Wushu Culture Association & Healing Clinic

Mobile: 021-560 200

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Our Philosophy

 The philosophy of the Wushu Cultu re Association is encapsulated in the phrases:

Jing Wu Yu Ren which translates as “The essence of wushu is to educate” and Xian De Hou Wu which translates as “First the morals and virtues; second the martial skills”.

And follows the martial principles of:

 Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Perseverance and Self-discipline.

The concept of the Wushu Culture Association is to provide individuals with knowledge of traditional Wushu-Kung Fu and/or Qigong and the opportunity to gain experience of different cultures.

 In this environment, practitioners gain a sense of involvement in wushu generally, build their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual faculties and discover how Wushu and/or Qigong can enrich their lives.

The renowned high standards of the WCA are the result of maintaining a highly competent, qualified teacher and select assistants.

Their job is to guide students in an efficient, well-structured and closely monitored programme to ensure excellent outcomes in the teaching-learning process.

Membership in the association is on an annual basis and parents; guardians and friends are encouraged to take an active role in the association’s plans, projects and general activities. Group performance and competition, determined by age, interest and ability, are encouraged through participation in the association’s events, not only at an internal level but also at regional, national and international levels.  The association also appreciates and encourages the support of parents to help encourage their children to develop their physical and mental potential and above all, their love, respect and enjoyment of this way of life.

In summary, we do not intend to train people solely in martial techniques. The aim is to use the vehicle of Wushu-Kung Fu and/or Qigong to allow people to fulfil their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential.

Wushu Ethics: Chinese Wushu embodies a profund philosophy and a sense of human life and social values. It emphasizes traditions, experience and rational knowledge, all of which are clearly reflected in the martial ethics of Wushu. That is why it can display the oriental civilization via combat skills and become an inexhaustible treasury of the human body culture.
Respect for Human Life
Emphasis on Moral Principles
Emphasis on Moral Conduct and Manners
Respect for the Teacher and Care for Each Other
Modesty and Eagerness
Freedom from Personal Grudges
Persistence and Perseverance

Qigong and Spiritual Health Principles:

Talk about your feelings
Make decisions
Look for solutions
Don’t live on appearances
Accept yourself
Don’t live in sadness

“Live without pretending

Love without depending

Speak without offending

Listen without defending’


The Dragon represents the spirit: the spirit involves alertness, vitality, confidence and positive attitude. Of all the animals represented in Kung Fu, only the Dragon is that of the imagination, this is significant because to develop the Dragon within, one must use visualisation. The mind must be conditioned to see the bright side of any situation, to positively affirm the future, to expect that wellness, harmony and good will, will prevail.
Only with imagination can one achieve the highest levels of the art.
In essence, one must have faith in the unseen positive forces of the universe.

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